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OzWIDE Engine Parts (OWEP) specialises in supplying quality engine rebuild kits, cylinder heads, pistons, gaskets and all your engine parts for petrol and diesel vehicles. With over 30 years of personal experience in the automotive industry ranging from engine reconditioning, mechanical repairs and LPG installations OWEP was created to meet the high demand of suppling engine parts throughout Australia and neighbouring countries.

Background: OzWIDE Engine Parts was created by the management of UMR Engines Slacks Creek. UMR Engines was established in 1975 and specialises in engine reconditioning, mechanical repairs, and vehicle servicing.  All repairs are conducted in a fully equipped workshop. OzWIDE Engine Parts can now supply you with quality engine rebuild parts for most makes and models.

Our Aim: To supply quality guaranteed engine parts at competitive prices.

Support: OzWIDE Engine Parts will offer after-sale technical product support on all our products sold. 

 https://umrengines.com.au  (Workshop)

 https://ozwideengineparts.com.au/ (Parts)

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